Happiness, in my opinion, is a very general term of experiencing a pleasant feeling. As the time and situation in our life is constantly changing, it is impossible to feel always happy. Therefore, the idea of living happily ever seems only to exist in mind. However, humans are capable of making their life happy as much as they want, if they put the required effort in it. Today, I am going to share some of my ideas that may help others to achieve possible level of happiness.

Personal care
It is impossible to be happy if someone is ill or they don’t take care of themselves enough. By ‘Personal Care’, I mean the activities that one need to carry out daily to stay fit and happy. It includes taking care of mental, physical and spiritual health. Getting enough sleep, doing exercise or yoga, drinking enough water, eating healthy food and maintaining sanitation. Personal care also includes learning essential skills, being a responsible person and having a good personality.

Family and social relations
Family is one of the most important part of our life as they play crucial role in every moment of our life. It is the parents that taught and grew us when we were baby. It is the brother and sister who became our first close friends and supporters since our life started. Thus, it is important to take care of family as much as we can and be together with them by giving them love, care and time no matter how busy our life gets. Beside the family, maintaining good relations with others in society comes secondary.

Life goal
There is hardly anyone who don’t want to achieve things in life. We all want to be successful in different fields according to our own desire. However, we often seem to be not capable of recognizing our life goal or become unfocused towards it even though we want it. To achieve any goal, it is important to set the goal first, which is specific and realistic. We must be focused and dedicated towards it and have effective plan which leads towards its achievement.

There is no question that money fulfills our needs from small to large. It is important to have enough amount of income according to meet our material desire and gain happiness. While we work for the income, it is important that the job we do should be accordance to our interest and passion since the work place is where we spent most of our time. One should also focus on increasing the current income further with the ideas of investing and conducting businesses.

Live as I
Living between the family and society, we often become lost within them. We hardly try to think what I myself love and want to do in life. It is important to get time for our personal self and do things we love such as travelling, cooking, reading, listening music and play sports. These activities will give the satisfaction to our soul which takes the level of our happiness into higher level.
Pema Wangchu Sherpa
Bsc. (Hons) Computing Graduated


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